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About us

Explore Canada Colombia is an annual Education Fair present in different cities of the country, which seeks to promote Canadian education for Colombian students who want to acquire new experiences for their future. We offer and promote prestigious institutions that offer quality studies in Canada.

Our team



Explore Canada Colombia was born in 2008, in order to promote studies in that country and encourage tourism for those seeking an excellent destination. The fair focuses on offering education and showing Colombian students why Canada is the best option to study and visit.

Yasmin Sabbag    Manager

Alejandra Hernández   Operative

Adriana Márquez    Commercial Area

Andrés Palacios     Advertising

Camilo Valencia     Marketing

Diana Villegas    Administrative

Jorge  Ortega     Logistic

Juliana Nieto   Design

Lizeth García   Technology

Nicolás Pérez   Submissions

  • Facebook - Círculo Negro
  • Instagram - Negro Círculo
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Explore Canada Colombia has obtained during an arduous process to contact and to present in Colombia institutions of prestige, next a list of those who have accompanied us.

Year by year young people and Colombian professionals travel abroad to begin, advance or continue their studies. Canada, with multiple attractions and advantages, is a great educational destination. Studying in this country guarantees a high academic quality and personal preparation, in addition to an excellent international positioning that makes a more integral professional compete in the labor market.

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