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Colombia is a country located in the north of South America. Among its incredible landscapes and destinations it is possible to find tropical forests, the Andes mountains and several coffee plantations.



Discover and enjoy all the treasures of Colombia.

Feel the wind coming from different regions; explore the great and mysterious jungles, where the trees can almost touch the sky; know its plains and mountains full of flora and fauna; immerse yourself in majestic seas, full of multicolored species.


Colombia is South America's door to the rest of the world. The variety of weather, landscapes and the habitants kindness, make this country the perfect place for tourist or business meetings, besides its location makes the country an ideal destination for events and conventions of all kinds, making them become unforgettable experiences.

Unique places in Colombia

Colombian landscapes are unique. Here you will find from metropolis cities, full of historical, cultural and gastronomic richness to towns where peace reigns framed by beautiful mountains and mountain ranges, all gathered in one place, showing an amazing scenery for tourists from all over the world.

Below we present a list of some of the top places you can visit if you are in Colombia


The blue San Andres Island and Providence

A beautiful place with a sea of seven colors; white sandy beaches and striking crystal clear waters; friendly residents and colorful landscapes.

In this magical place, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the beaches, snorkel and admire the marine life. In addition, listen to the legends of pirates accompanied by a good cocktail to the rhythm of reggae.


The amazing and top Guajira

La Guajira is located in the north of Colombia. full of sublime landscapes, so this tourist destination surprises all travelers, in this magical place is possible to learn about the traditions of the emblematic Wayuu culture and its surroundings, knowing amazing places like Punta Gallinas, Cabo de la Vela and more.


Caño Cristales, the river of  5 colors

Caño Cristales is known as the most beautiful river in the world, thanks to the striking red and green colors that can be seen in to the waters, but only visiting it is possible to really admire the beauty of this Colombian paradise with a variety of flora and fauna where it is possible to appreciate animals of all kinds and live a unique experience.


Country life in Boyacá and Villa de Leyva

It is the home of Colombian freedom, are this wonderful land, known for the beauty of its landscapes and its architectural and colonial riches. Boyacá is the dream place to rest, leaving the big cities to walk between fields, enjoy its moors, breathe pure air and know the colonial history told by own habitants.

Colombian Gastronomy

Colombian gastronomy can be defined as a fusion of other cultures such as the Spanish and African mainly, complemented with the most representative typical dishes of each region that provide a magical touch of flavor and seasoning unmatched

Whoever visits Colombia, not only enjoys the variety of cultural, sports events and the innumerable tourist destinations of this beautiful country, but also can enjoy the most varied and delicious typical dishes. 

Discover some of the typical Colombian dishes


Patacón con Hogao

Used in some starters or appetizers in restaurants and meetings, the hogao can be used as a dressing for countless dishes, you can enjoy it with slices of fried green banana, patacones, arepas and potatoes.

The Colombian hogao is a kind of sauce based on ripe red tomatoes, head onion (white or red), onion, garlic, salt and other spices such as cumin and pepper to taste.

Bandeja paisa.jpg

Is known and requested in almost restaurants in Colombia and can be varied in its preparation and presentation depending on the region and taste of who prepares it, is the most representative dish of Antioquia food, very popular in all municipalities of Antioquia, the Eje Cafetero (Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda). 

Bandeja Paisa


According to history the ajiaco is a food originating from the Chibcha tribe, which consisted of corn and potatoes. Once the conquistadors arrived in Colombia, they added chicken and cream. Today those are the bases of the ajiaco that is currently prepared with some variations and more ingredients such as rice and avocado.

Ajiaco Santafereño

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