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Why Colombia

Offers diversity and multiculturalism and combines modern constructions with others that evoke its colonial past. It also offers a variety of international connections also the educational model of Colombia resembles that of the Netherlands. Colombia works with a primary and a secondary school. 



Colombia is a developing country, this implies an undeniable intellectual and personal enrichment which the Colombian wishes to acquire in order to contribute in the future to this development as well as to the transformation of the image of the country abroad which has become a fundamental issue.




Colombia is the third country in Latin America with the highest number of students per year abroad after Brazil and  México. Its main interest is focused on the study of languages and the beginning of a professional career. The cities with the highest number of students sent abroad are:

Bogotá, Medellín, Cali

and Bucaramanga.  

The Fact

It is one of the continent’s most populous nations. Per information from Invest in Colombia, the cities with the greatest populations and good economic development, expressed in millions, are: Bogotá (District Capital – 7.8), Medellin (3,7) and

Cali (2,4).

In 2015, Colombia’s education budget increased by 5.75%,reflecting President Juan Manuel Santos’ goal to make Colombia Latin America’s most educated country by 2025.

The Colombian thought has taken another approach, towards their future. For this reason Colombians don't want to continue in the parameters established by a society, to be involved in the routine is not within their projections. The Colombian wants to experiment, learn and know. For this reason Colombia is the ideal square for the Canadian institutions to present their programs which will accomplices of change in the life of Colombian students.

Every time there is a greater interest by the Colombian students to carry out their studies abroad, especially in a country like Canada that opens its doors to offer the opportunity to have a gratifying experience of life, that helps them to grow in all the aspects, Canada is the country to which the Colombian aspires and for which they are willing to invest.

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According to UNESCO data, there were approximately 23,600 Colombian students studying abroad in 2012. During the school year 2014-2015 there were 7,169 Colombian students studying abroad at institutions of higher education – an increase of 1.2% from the previous academic year. The favored study destinations for Colombian students are Canada, Spain and France.

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